Change Your Finances, Change Your Environment

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Change Your Finances, Change Your Environment   

This month we will host our Annual Eagles Rock Summit August 28-29, and through this special gathering we are again investing in you and into all of the churches that are connected to us in covenant relationship. This year the theme is “Resolving Broken Communities”. In order for us to effectively carry out the Great Commission and impact our communities both locally and abroad, we must have the resources that we need to get the job done. When Jesus sent out his disciples he instructed them to be wise as serpents but gentle as doves. Part of the wisdom that we need to resolve the issues that we encounter in our communities is directly connected to understanding how to get the right resources and use them.

This year to help us do this I have assembled a team of preachers and teachers who will pour into you the knowledge and inspiration that you need to increase your impact in the community and even your personal life.  Every one of us have challenges that deal with finances. This year we are going to talk about how to change our environment by changing our finances. No longer will the lack of resources hinder the work of the Lord from going forth. We have a great work to do in our communities. People are depending on us. God has called us and He will make provision for His vision. We simply must learn and understand how to get and leverage the resources that He provides. If finances have every hindered what you wanted to do for Christ, you do not want to miss it! I encourage you to make the Summit a priority in your schedule.

I will see YOU at the Eagles Rock Summit, “the place where eagles gather”.

Bishop E.V. Reeves

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