Eugene Victory Reeves is a visionary leader, author and ministry strategist who serves as the Chief Spiritual Officer of The Life Church, a non-profit, outreach ministry with a variety of community programs located in Woodbridge, Virginia. He is also the founder and CEO of Restoring Lives Community Development Corporation (RLCDC) a non-profit organization created to develop and implement initiatives that promote and strengthen the local community.


Consecrated as Bishop in God’s holy church, having received full apostolic succession in 2002, Bishop Reeves provides a spiritual covering, mentoring, and training for over 500 churches and pastors around the globe. He also serves as the 2nd Presiding Bishop for the International Communion of Evangelical Churches (ICEC).


Eugene V. Reeves is a member of many community and ministry boards locally and internationally and has received numerous awards and acknowledgements for selfless service to humanity. The vision and compassion of E.V. Reeves’ Ministry and RLCDC impacts lives through, its mentoring programs, scholarship programs, school supplies drive for children in need and holiday outreach programs.


Bishop Reeves has a desire to see people healed, delivered and set free and shepherds the congregants of The Life Church with the heart of a father. Under his leadership The Life Church in Woodbridge, VA has grown from a congregation of four to over 2500 members.


Celebrating more than 30 years of marriage, Eugene and his wife Ollie Reeves are parents to two children and six grandchildren. Eugene V. Reeves is committed to Advancing the Kingdom of God, One Family At A Time. His focus on strengthening and empowering families to live victorious lives in total prosperity has had a positive and eternal impact on the families that he has encountered in his congregation, his local community and abroad.


Eugene V. Reeves has a compassion for all people and has directed much of his humanitarian work in impoverished communities around the world to include India, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and South America. Bishop Reeves and The Life Church sponsor annual mission trips to bring relief to those who are suffering in these international communities by providing food, medical supplies, training and evangelism.